Our Promise

Peaceful Passage provides education, planning and resources for end of life choices, and is dedicated to honoring the clients goals and wishes around their care through a wide array of compassionate services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a death doula?

A death doula is a support and companion for those who are planning their end of life care, for the actively dying, and the terminally ill along with their loved ones. A death doula provides resources and education regarding home vigils, legacy projects, and after death care. Death doulas will often accompany clients and loved ones during the activitely dying transition and assist in support and ceremony for the client. They advocate on the behalf of their client for the adherence to their wishes.

How much do death doula services cost?

Please see our services page or contact us at peaceinpassing.doula@gmail.com or at 949-295-3718.

Why choose a death doula?

Individuals are often overwhelmed or unaware of the many choices they have regarding their end of life care. Few loved ones discuss or plan for the actively dying transition and end of life plans. A death doula creates the space and guidance for these important conversations to take place and advocates for the customization of care so that the client has the transition that is authentic to their personality, wants, and plans.